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Main performance

1. Shanghai Stadium : stands steel upper and lower rod, locking expansion board forgings (16Mn), fan- jacking bracket forgings (1Cr17Ni2, 25CrMo).
2. Shanghai Nanpu Bridge : anchorage tailgate forgings.
3. Shanghai Pudong Airport : cable ball forgings.
4 . Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. -made 094-30CrMoNiV rotor forging , has been recognized by the military representatives ( military ) .
There turbine on the use of (2Cr12MoV) adjusting the rotor blade forgings and (1Cr12Mo) first to fourth stage stator blade forgings.
5. Shanghai Turbine Co., Ltd. :
Production of the companys 30MW, 60MW, 100MW turbine 1Cr12Mo, 34CrNi3Mo other conventional materials, forgings, and also produces 20Cr11NiMoNbVN, C-422 and other difficult materials forgings.
On this basis, the company to undertake the production of turbine 100MW ultra-supercritical units high temperature alloy steel forgings and NiCr20TiAl GH901 nickel-based alloys forgings.
6. Shanghai Port Machinery Group Co., Ltd. : Participation in the production of the company 450T gantry crane ( the largest ) of 30CrNi2MoV forgings .
7. on KSB Pumps Ltd. qualified supplier : the companys Shanghai sewage treatment works in the manufacture of products supporting the forgings.
And a second power plant in Yangzhou , Maanshan second power plant and other major projects in the production of forgings . Etc.
8. Shanghai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. : coal liquefaction project 16MnHIC forgings manufacturing, as well as the projects 2.25Cr1Mo0.25V special steel forgings ( The project is a major research projects in Shanghai ) .
Waigaoqiao one million kilowatts ultra-supercritical pressure heater inlet and outlet pipe , etc. 20MnMo other forgings.
Qinshan 60MW conventional island Unit High Pressure Heater forgings, and Yiyang 60MW units, Zhang Shan 60MW unit forgings etc.
And Shanghai Petrochemical Company to undertake exhaust heater project 1Cr5Mo, 15CrMo , etc. forgings.
Qinshan and Ling Ao , red river , Ningde nuclear power plant forgings.
9. Shanghai Chemical Machinery Plant of qualified suppliers.
10. Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) of qualified suppliers :
And produced the companys Rotterdam crane , Yangshan Deepwater Port crane , crane and other projects in Brazil 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 20CrMnMo grades of forgings and other materials and also involved in the production of world-class Zhenhua Port Machinery conversion mechanism 7000 tons floating crane forgings ( the floating crane is mainly used for offshore oil exploration ) .
11. Shanghai Blower Works qualified supplier : The main production of the company to undertake national key project with the main turbine forgings , such as Tan Hill power plants, power plants and other fans in Waigaoqiao spindle , wheel housing , bearing rings, guide ring forgings .
12. Shanghai Motor Factory qualified suppliers
13. Shanghai University subsidiary factory : Pakistan s Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Project C-2 mechanical damper forgings production ( nuclear power products )

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