Our enterprise is a professional one for shipbuilding, 
power station, steam turbine, chemical machinery, hoisting machinery and so on.
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Main performance

Major projects

Shanghai station: upper and lower pull rod of steel construction, the locking bulge plate forgings and forge pieces for the fan lifting brackets on the grandstands.
Shanghai Nanpu Bridge: forge pieces for anchor plates.
Shanghai Pudong Airport: forge pieces for cable balls.
Shanghai KSB Pump Co., Ltd.:forge pieces for the products used in Shanghai Sewage treatment works.
Shanghai Power Equipment Co., Ltd.: forge pieces (16MnHIC) for coal liquefaction project, as well as forge pieces for steel for special purposes (2.25Cr1Mo0.25V) of the project(this project is one of Shanghai major research projects ). And 1Cr5Mo、15CrMo forge pieces for Shanghai oil gas heater project undertook by our company.
Shanghai Air Blower Factory: major forge pieces for draught fans of some certain national key projects, such as forge pieces for chief axis, wheel shells, bearing rings and rider rings needed by Tan Shan power plant, Waigaoqiao power plant and so on.

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