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Schedule of Metalform China 2013

Show Time:   24(Tuesday)-27(Friday), September, 2013
Freight and Build-up: 21(Saturday)-23 (Monday), September, 2013
Venue��Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center
Address:850 Bocheng Road Shanghai 200335, P.R.China.
Tel: (+86) 21 20225121   Fax: (+86) 21 20225189
Web: http://www.shexpocenter.com/
Build up Period Date Working time
Bulky/heavy exhibits freight September 21  8:30-17:30
Raw space contractor move in September 22-23  8:30-17:30
Build up of All-in-One package booth September 23  8:30-19:30
All-in-One package Stand interior dressing and position of exhibits by exhibitors  September 23 8:30-19:30
Exhibition Period Date  Working time
Opening hours (by admission ticket)
  September.24-27 9:00-16:30
September.27 9:00-12:00
Dismantling and Move-out Period Date Working time
Dismantling and Move-out Period September 27 13:00-19:00
Removal of personal property and hand-carried items      September 27 13:00-19:00
Disconnection/cut off of all utilities supply  September 27 12:00
Collection of rental items by official contractors             September 27 13:00-19:00
1.    Please check in at the middle hall between Hall one and Hall two, with the confirmation issued by CCMI to get the entrance permit badge, catalogue, notice, banquet invitation etc .
2.    Exhibitors are allowed to enter the hall after 8:30, and visitors are allowed to enter the hall after 9:00, and not allowed to enter after 16:30. There is no opening ceremony this year.
3.    Please inform the organizer before 15:00 whether applying any overtime work after 17:30 each day. The cost for overtime work is decided by the exhibition center.
4.    If there are any mistakes on the exhibiting board of the package stand, please contact us during the building up and move-in period.
5.    On September 21th, it is time only for exhibit freight, and the stand construction is not allowed this day. However, the construction material could be moved in and stack in the afternoon of September 21th. Referring to the onsite traffic in the fairground, all the exhibitors and related contractors must submit to the arrangement of the official freighter contractor.
6.   Exhibitors are strongly advised to pack and remove from the exhibition area all portable, attractive and valuable items at the end of each day when the exhibition closes as this is the time that there is the greatest risk of loss and theft. All these items MUST NOT be left unattended or out of sight at any time. The organizer will not be responsible for the safety of articles of any kind brought into the exhibition by the exhibitors, there agents, contractors, visitors or any other persons whosoever.
7.   Detailed schedule of the exhibition should be subject to exhibitor��s confirmation and on-site bulletin.

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